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Our Services

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MCK Tool & Supply offers the following services, or assistance with these services, even if using another retailer, such as Home Depot. Our trained, knowledgeable and friendly professional staff will help you successfully complete your job.

General Tool Repair

A non-working tool won’t get your job done! MCK would be happy to assist you in getting your broken tool to a respective service center for repair. We use all local service centers to save time, save freight, and support our communities. The service centers offer estimates, maximum repair rates and warranty repair/replacement. Bring yours in to MCK today and we’ll get you up and running.

Warranted Tool Servicing

Warranted Tool Service for many of our customers tools, even if purchased elsewhere!

Our staff understands warranted tools, their maintenance and repair, as well as how to finesse the warranty process to be as painless as possible for you.

Tool sharpening services

Sharpening Services

MCK wants to make your next job not so dull.

If it can be sharpened, we’d like to help. We offer sharpening drill bits, annular cutters, circular saw blades, scissors, clippers, etc. Bring it to MCK and we’ll get it to the most effective and efficient local sharpener.